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Redeem Vouchers
Buy/Order Vouchers

The CVA Voucher system allows you to get a particular amount of free CVA parking time or, if you are a business, to provide your clients and employees with free CVA parking time in an easy manner. You have the option of redeeming the CVA vouchers or transferring them to someone else of your choice. Vouchers can only be redeemed once and issued vouchers that are not redeemed within 2 years expire automatically.

Redeeming Vouchers

To redeem a voucher online, you need the voucher number and the voucher code. You may redeem any amount of vouchers at any time as you like. If you desire to redeem the vouchers through our offices, please send the printed vouchers together with your payment and our staff will redeem them for you. Please note that if you chose this option we only accept original printed vouchers or self-printed E-Vouchers only.

Buying Vouchers

You can buy and order vouchers online, with the option of ordering bulk amounts of printed vouchers from our offices.

Explanation of Voucher Format

Every CVA voucher has a number of features that are common in both pre-printed vouchers and E-Vouchers. The most important feature in the voucher is the part containing the number and validation code, as this is always needed to redeem the voucher successfully. The voucher also contains more information about the issue and expiry date and value of the voucher. The detachable part at the bottom of the voucher can be used by clients or businesses for tracking purposes. Note that each voucher can only be redeemed once.





VALUE: 6.52


Number: 12345

Code: ABC123


Issue Date: 25/03/2007

Expiry Date: 25/03/2009





Towards a Better Future


VALUE: 6.52

Number: 12345

Code: ABC123

Issued: 25/03/2007



CVA Voucher




CVA Voucher Barcodes

(Always two per voucher)






Voucher Value



Voucher Number and Validation Code



Issue and Expiry Date





Information Area





Detachable Area which customer or issuing business can cut off and keep to track redeemed vouchers and issued vouchers respectively

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