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CVA Forms
 Registration Form for Online Access (CVA Form R2)

Use the R2 form to register yourself and your vehicle for online access to the CVA system. You do not need to fill in an R2 form if you have received a personalised R1 form.

 Direct Debit Mandate (CVA Form D1)

Use the D1 direct debit mandate form to setup a direct debit mandate with CVA. All customers setting up a direct debit with CVA will automatically benefit from a 10% discount on their CVA access fees.

 Delegation of Authority (CVA Form D2)

Use the D2 form to assign (or revoke) specific rights to third-parties (for example, to assign rights to your spouse or accountant to view and pay your bill). The registered owner of the vehicle is always responsible for the CVA access fees and has full rights to assign or revoke third-party rights at any moment.

CVA Specimen Forms
 Registration Form R1 Specimen (CVA Form R1)

Use the R1 form to register yourself and your vehicle for online access to the CVA system. The R1 form is a personalised form filled in automatically by the CVA system. A copy of the R1 form will be sent automatically with the first bill.


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