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In line with the Structure Plan and the Grand Harbour Local Plan policies, the Maltese Government is implementing a holistic strategy aimed at reducing private vehicular traffic
in Valletta and making alternative modes of transport to and within the same area more viable.

The underpinning objectives of this strategy are to:

• Improve the quality of life of the residents within the Valletta peninsula, by improving both the environment in which they live and their access to Valletta through both public and private modes of transport;

• Enhance the commercial activity within the Valletta peninsula by ensuring that any measure taken will make it possible for business activity to thrive;

• Improve the general environment and appearance of Valletta, taking into consideration the historical context as well as the World Heritage status of Valletta.

The reduction in vehicular traffic, together with the embellishment of the Valletta peninsula, is intended to make the area look more appealing to visitors thereby also benefiting the commercial community in the same area.


General Frequently Asked Questions
 1. What is Controlled Vehicular Access (CVA)?
 2. When did the CVA system for Valletta start operating?
 3. I have already paid for the V Licence and a few months are left before this expires. Will I still be charged to access and park in Valletta while the V license is still valid?
 4. Which areas/streets are excluded from the charging zone?
 14. What are the payment methods that are being offered to the public by the Operator of the CVA system?
 15. What happens if I effect a late payment?
 16. How can I benefit from a 10% discount on my bills?
 17. What happens if I disagree with the bills that I receive?
 18. Who is exempted from charges?
 19. How can I request Bollards that are in Valletta to be opened for special events?
 20. I am a resident in St. Johns Square. How can i obtain a remote control to operate the mechanical bollard?
 21. What are the security features in place within the online system to ensure secure payments ?
 22. I ended up paying more than I should have, is there a way that I can get refunded back by CVA Technology Co Ltd?
 23. Which email should I use for enquiries about Exemptions?

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Change in location for the provision of services related to CVA

Strada Merkanti August 2015

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